Nurse Clinics


We have a top-class nursing team, who are available in the clinics supporting the veterinary team. They are responsible for monitoring patients under anaesthesia. Our nurses daily provide consultations by appointment for post op/pre op checks, flea/worm consults and routine care, such as claw clipping/anal glands.

In addition they provide the following services.


Nurses are available for nutritional advice. Whether this is for an animal requiring special nutrition for a long term illness, the use of feeding tubes, for the overweight animal or simply to ask the best diet for your individual pet, our nurses are here to help.

Palliative care

Palliative care is becoming more important in our patients. As our pets live longer and we diagnose illness earlier, there are some cases where though we cannot cure, or decide not to in the basis of ethics. However there may be things we can do to make your pet live more comfortably for the time they have, our nursing team can help provide this for you and your pet.

Weight management

Managing your pet’s weight can sometimes be challenging. We can provide regular weight checks to discuss diets and help you keep a track of their progress. Together we can discuss different ways to help reduce your pet’s weight. We offer a FREE weight management clinic attended by registered veterinary nurses. Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.

Geriatric checks

As our pets get older they may require more regular trips to the vets. Pets over the age of seven are classed as senior/geriatric. We can provide health checks for your pets where we can check a range of different functions and give your pet a top to tail exam. If we are concerned with any of our findings it will be discussed with you during the consultation.

Rabbit care

Rabbits are increasingly popular pets and our team can give you advice on many aspect of their care. We can discuss their housing, caring for indoor rabbits and litter training. We can also demonstrate how to correctly handle your bunny, check their teeth and nails. We can also help with diet and talk about preventative healthcare.