Feline cystitis

Cystitis in cats is often caused by stress. Cats are very stressed animals and can be stressed by things as simple as moving a piece of furniture in the house. There are a number of things you can do to try to reduce the number of episodes of cystitis that your cat has. If you would like to discuss any of these points in further detail then please contact your vet.

Increasing water intake

  • Cats prefer to drink out of metal or ceramic
  • Cats prefer to have separate feeding and water areas.
    • Wild cats kill their prey away from water sources to avoid contamination.
  • Cats like moving
    • You can try adding ice cubes to their water bowls, leave a tap dripping or purchase a water fountain.

Promoting a healthy bladder

Infectious cystitis is rare in cats and more commonly they get an inflamed bladder wall. There are a number of products that you can use to help promote a healthy bladder wall, eg cystease or cystaid.

Litter trays

  • Ideally you should have a litter tray for every cat in the household and an extra tray as well.
  • These trays should be in different locations, not next to each other.
  • Unfortunately, just because your cats live together, this does not mean they are necessarily going to get along well! It is important they do not feel threatened when they go to the toilet.
  • Try to have a deep bedding of litter to allow burying of waste.
  • Try to avoid fragranced litter.
  • Try to avoid changing the brand/type of litter.

Decreasing stress

  • If you buy a new piece of furniture or decorate try rubbing a towel over your cat to pick up his/her scent and rub it over the new item to re-scent this area.


  • Feliway is a pheromone – a hormone your cat can smell, but you can’t. This pheromone gives cats a feeling of well-being and reduces stress.
  • Available as a spray or plug-in-diffuser.
  • You may need to use this for four to six weeks before a difference is seen.


  • These are tablets or liquids, which increase good feeling chemicals in the brain and calm animals down.