Post-operation Care

Your pet has had an operation and has needed to be anaesthetised/sedated for this. Below we have listed some common points of concern and advice, but if you have any further concerns or worries please contact your local clinic or Bury Road clinic on 01204 397 970

  • Your pet may be drowsy following their procedure. It can take up to 24-hours for the anaesthetic to wear off fully, so keep them quiet and provide a warm comfortable bed in which to recuperate.
  • Following your pet’s procedure, it is better to feed a light, bland diet little and often. You may resume your pet’s usual diet the next day.
  • Make sure fresh water is always available.
  • You may take your pet out for toilet purposes only this evening. Exercise and activity must be restricted at all times both inside and outside the house. Do not allow pets with surgical wounds to run up/down stairs or to jump on/off furniture. Lead exercise is recommended until any sutures/staples are removed and the case is signed off by the vet.
  • If your pet has been prescribed any medication, please follow the instructions on the label and complete the full course. If you are encountering any difficulties administering medication please contact the surgery for advice.
  • If your pet has a surgical wound, it is not necessary to bathe the area, unless advised to do so by the vet. Monitor the area for any swellings or discharges and keep the wounds dry.
  • Your pet MUST be deterred from licking or chewing their wound as this can cause inflammation, infection and in some circumstances reopen their surgical wound. Where your pet has been given an elizabethan collar, it must be kept on at all times when they are not supervised. This includes bedtime.

Any bandages should be kept clean and dry. Monitor for any seepage or discharges, any swelling above or below the bandage and for any foul odour.