Rabbit Awareness Week 2018

Rabbit awareness weekWe’re delighted to take part in Rabbit Awareness Week 2018 (RAW 2018), which this year focuses on raising the awareness of the dietary needs of rabbits. To encourage rabbit owners to learn more about their pets, we’ll be holding FREE rabbit health checks from 2nd June to 10th June 2018.

This year we are raising awareness around the dangers of selective feeding, encouraging owners to ‘Move Away From Muesli’ towards a high-quality, hay based diet.

“A rabbit’s diet should consist of up to 85 – 90% feeding hay. Many owners are unaware of the differences between feeding hay and bedding hay.”

Why not contact your local clinic to book in for your free* health check with one of our nurses?

Our practices:

Bury Road Clinic01204 393489

Blackburn Road Clinic: 01204 309745

St Helens Road Clinic: 01204 660066

The Avenue Vet Clinic: 0161 684 9449

The Lane Vet Clinic: 0161 682 2122

Holly House Clinic: 01942 526222

Little Lane Clinic: 01942 231506

Park Vet Clinic: 0161 773 1819

Rochdale Road Clinic: 0161 764 7089

Water Street Clinic: 0161 725 8393


* If there are any signs of illness or any medication is required an appointment with a vet will be recommended and this will be chargeable. Free health check only between 02/06/2018 and 10/06/2018.